Vivian offers workshops inspired by her search for zero-waste products with clean ingredients, her desire to learn from the local plants, and teachings from herbalist Suzanne Stone of Belfast, Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals. Workshop sessions include making: Herb bundles, infused oils, tinctures, salves, and personal products such as soap, chapstick, deodorant and dish soap.

All materials are provided, and participants make their own products to bring home during the workshop. If you are interested in attending or scheduling your own private/small group session specializing in a topic from the list below, please Contact Vivian. 

Workshops are also available via phone or video with individual handouts for learning and practicing wildcrafting and medicine making on own.

Infused Herbs


Class size limited to 4, Make tinctures, vinegars, elixirs, oxymels, or honeys with local or organically sourced herbs.

Example: Meet Elder and Lavender. Make Elderberry Syrup and Lavender Honey

Learn to make your own elderberry syrup, a wonderful and delicious immune tonic, and lavender infused honey, a delightful floral sweetener to add to tea or just take a spoonful for relaxation! Take home a jar of each, along with the knowledge to make your own.

Fire Cider


Class size limited to 4

Learn how to ethically and respectfully harvest plants. Make your own fire cider, a tasty and powerful folk remedy used for boosting the immune system. Organic raw apple cider vinegar infused with plants including fresh garlic, ginger root, turmeric, onion, and thyme. Raw honey to taste. Yum!

Herb Bundles


Class size limited to 4

Learn how to ethically and respectfully harvest plants. Make herb bundles from fresh plants and incense from dried herbs. Fresh plants grown locally. Fresh and dried plants, scissors, and twine provided, but please bring any of your own favorites you wish to contribute. 

Medicinal Topical Oils


Class size limited to 4,

Make infused oils with locally grown plants from my garden and backyard. Examples: Calendula, Pine, or St. John's Wort.

Beauty Products


Class size limited to 4

Options include: bar soap, deodorant, chapstick, body butters, salves