Vivian's bodywork practice includes Essence Attunement and Holistic Massage.  

Vivian's Essence Attunement sessions use the wisdom of Marmani (Ayurvedic energy points), Energy and Nature Spirit channeling to help you attune with your optimal well-being(see  full description below). Session can be in person, distance, or combined with massage.

Vivian's Holistic Massage includes slow flow, deep release, and Ayurvedic modalities while using warm Ayurvedic herbal oil and Ohm Therapeutics vibrational tuning fork on marmani to open, settle, and balance your energy channels (see full description below).

All services offered on a sliding scale-if needed, please inquire. Vivian works from her quiet studio space in Scarborough, Maine and shares space at Rosemont Wellness Center in Portland, Maine. To book an appointment or request a gift certificate, please Contact Vivian


Essence Attunement

Our anatomy includes both physical and energy bodies. Energy centers (chakras) and energy boundaries can get blocked and knotted just like our muscles. The painful symptoms in our physical bodies are often manifestations of these blockages. Caring for, tuning, and clearing our energy bodies is essential. Using Marmani, Nature and Plant Spirit allies, and Spirit guides, Vivian works with the energy body to help attune you with your vibrant whole Essence.

60 min- $120 (sliding scale available)

Holistic Massage

Vivian's massage promotes a deep sink into slow release, relaxation, relief, nourishment, and Essence Attunement. Using vibrational sound healing with a tuning fork on marma points, she helps free energy channels. Vivian uses Ayurvedic herbal oil, which penetrates deeply to assist in detoxifying and replenishing skin, muscles, and cells. Vivian's holistic approach encourages profound calm in mind, body, and soul. 

60 min- $120 (sliding scale available)

Abdominal Massage

According to Ayurveda, the stomach is the root of dis-ease. Abdominal massage helps relieve digestive issues and emotional stress or tension held in the gut. Don't forget to request abdominal work if interested in receiving!

" The abdominal massage Vivian gave me helped immensely with with my heartburn and indigestion"

-Kira W